Get two books at a very special price

On the occasion of the crowdfunding campaign of the Civic Design Book we want to highlight and meet again the first CivicWise book: Civic Practices Book. If you still don’t have it or want to give it away, you have a new chance. Both are available at a very special price of 50 Euros, but hurry up, there are only 100 copies available!

The Civic Practices Book

The objective of Civic Practices was to contribute to the compilation of initiatives, demands, campaigns, actions, projects, research, methodologies, participatory and co-design processes that are being carried out around the world to create communities of civic practice. Thus creating a new imaginary of new forms of relationship and collective construction from the collective intelligence situated.
But what does it mean to be situated? They are projects or ideas that arise in a particular environment, so they respect and adapt to local realities.
In its four chapters: Civic Spaces, Methodologies, Research and Actions, the book brings together 90 contributions from 40 different cities, in their original language, created collaboratively, thanks to the many connections and encounters, both digital and physical.

The Civic Design Book

Two years later, the Civic Innovation School, part of the CivicWise community, launches a new book called Civic Design Book, a book created from the work of 500 participants of the Civic Design Course. A course that experiences a new way of conceiving the academic environment, based on horizontality, co-creation, mutual respect and the putting into practice of all these values in the community in which we live. The form of digital connection allowed the distance to be shortened and people from all over the world to work together, get to know each other and exchange experiences.

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