Open Call: Connector Network

We are looking for passionate, curious and active people to be local connectors for the Civic Innovation School. We want to create a distributed network of collaborators, with the aim of representing, supporting, disseminating and promoting projects and activities in a decentralized manner.

What is the Civic Innovation School?
The CIS is an international institution structured as a distributed network that promotes collaborative learning environments focused on civic innovation, collective intelligence, open design and civic empowerment.

Why are we looking for connectors?
The connectors allow the international network to be connected to the local dimension, that is to say to the daily realities of the territories, thus situating global learning and generating new connections and synergies between global and local actors. Building a glocal network allows for two-way learning and a horizontal exchange of knowledge and experiences.

What are the benefits of a CIS connector?
First of all, it is important to clarify that this is an experiment and that in no way should the role of the connector be understood as a job, neither employee nor volunteer. We are proposing the possibility of generating a network of people who want to live first-hand the creation of a project that they can feel as their own and can replicate and enrich locally.
As we know that in any case it will be a question of putting in hours, the selected connectors will be able to count on an important return that is the possibility of participating for free in the next edition of the Civic Design course scheduled for October of this year.

How many people are selected?
At the moment we are thinking of selecting 12 people. We would like these people to be naturally distributed in different cities and countries.

What role/responsibility does a CIS connector have?
Promote and disseminate the focus, values and learning of the CIS network.
Create synergies between local actors: citizens, public, private and academic sectors.
Organize possible physical meetings in the territory.
Monthly update meetings.
Create possible contact sheets.
Monitoring and coordination of digital communication channels, to allow a smooth connection between the different agents (slack tool)

Selection process
The call is open until 17th August.
On August 24th we will publish a list of pre-selected candidates
From 24th August to 4th September we will conduct an individual interview with the shortlisted candidates.
On September 10th we will announce the 12 selected.

Connector Network

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