SIlvia Tagliazucchi | Civic Design Course 2018

The next guest of our Civic Design Course will connect with us from Modena (Italy). We will be with Silvia Tagliazucchi: Architect, civic designer, project and community manager PhD at the University of Bologna in Urban Morphology.

The session will take place on November 27th at 19h (GMT+1).

Silvia Tagliazucchi is an architect with a strong focus on the study of the relationship between people and architecture, and how the physical and qualitative dimension of spaces influence human well-being. She carries out such researches both on the academic side – lecturer and visiting professor at the University of Ferrara – and through practical applications in participatory projects both in Italy and Europe. From 2017 she has been working in the association Amigdala as community and project manager for the Civic Factory OvestLab.

Periferico Festival
OvestLab: Civic Factory

We remind you that this session is part of the Civic Design course program. If you are interested in participating in the next edition of the course, register on this list and as soon as we activate the registration phase you will receive information directly by email.

You can attend the session directly from youtube: