Simone Cicero | Platform Design | Civic Design Course 2018

The next guest of our Civic Design Course will connect with us from Rome (Italy). We will be with Simone Cicero: self-starter, strategist, product and service designer interested in co-design, design thinking and innovation.

The session will take place on December 12 at 18h (GMT+1).

Simone investigates the reasons behind change, correlates things and understands to design relevant and consistent strategies and products. Is a blogger and public speaker: most often he talks about innovation, disruption, resilience and ecosystems. He loves hack society being Ouishare Italian connector (see

He created the Platform Design Toolkit: to help organizations of all kinds create shaping strategies, leveraging ecosystems, transforming themselves and the world in the process. Since its introduction, the elements composing the toolkit have been the most widely used design tools, by designers and strategic thinkers all over the world, to deal with platform thinking: empower ecosystems beyond the customer narrative of the industrial age.

We remind you that this session is part of the Civic Design course program. If you are interested in participating in the next edition of the course, register on this list and as soon as we activate the registration phase you will receive information directly by email.

You can attend the session directly from youtube: